Learning log - Reception class

Every week we like to share with parents what we have been doing in class.

If you have any questions or queries about what we have been doing in class and school then please do not hesitate to speak to a member of class.

Week beginning 11th July

Thank you very much for all the lovely cards and gifts we have had this week- we have been spoilt! Here are just a few ideas for the Summer Holidays, to continue learning over the long break from school to prepare for Year 1. The children have all been given a ‘Summer Holiday Book’ please feel free to choose as many activities as you want, don’t feel you have to do them all. We also have a class log in for the Oxford Owls website to access reading books over the holidays which is:

 Our class log in is: reception02and the password is hayschool.

Reading/writing ideas:

*Following maps and reading leaflets, signs and lists on days out.

*Sharing stories at the local library or in one of Hay’s Bookshops.

*Writing cards, invitations or postcards for family and friends.

*Using our Hwb page to practise your creative words, or using the last few pages of the Creative Book to write the list of words which are on the back page.

Number ideas:

*Using coins to pay for treats at the shops.

*Recognising numbers around your local area.

*Saying ‘one more and one less’ than numbers up to 10/20.

*Counting your toys and sharing sweets with them to make totals up to 10.

*Practising your number formation on the beach or in the garden using soil.

Another important skill you could practise- cutting around different shapes which also helps develop pencil control.

Have a lovely holiday, I have really enjoyed teaching you all and wish you all the best for Year 1!