Monday 22nd February 2016

Evening everybody, just a quick update on how everything is going. Everyone has settled into Stackpole life well and is having a great time. The class are currently recycling, clearing up from dinner and measuring the electricity they have used throughout the day.

Here is how the day went:

We left school around 9:00 and arrived at Stackpole Centre at 11:30 The two and a half hour journey to Stackpole seemed to pass very quickly, the singing skills of Year 6 helped to pass the time. As we arrived we were greeted by one of the instructors who then showed the children to their rooms.

Lunch was at 12 o’clock, so with the half hour of time available to the children they were given one task… unpack. As usual this was an entertaining process! However, against the odds, everyone was eventually unpacked and ready for lunch.

After lunch the children were introduced to the different instructors who will be working with them this week: Ac, Matt, Ben and Ann-Marie. Ben then explained what our afternoon activity would be.

We spent the afternoon exploring Stackpole and the surrounding area. We walked around the three lakes and headed towards the Broad Haven Beach. The children took charge of the map and we set off.

We then ran into a slight problem….

Leah had managed to drop the map into the lake.

We managed to make it down to the beach, where we pretty much had the entire beach to ourselves. The children enjoyed the beach where they were able to explore caves and play games.

We have just finished a large dinner of sausages, mash, carrots and gravy, followed by jam sponge. The plan for tonight is that the children will work on their ‘Stackpole Diary’, followed by a fire drill. Once this is done this the children will have free time, where they will be encouraged to go and wash!

Goodnight from us all, an update will be posted around a similar time tomorrow!