Wednesday 24th February 2016

Another great night, with everyone sleeping through to 7 o’clock. Today Erica greeted us with a breakfast of hash browns, spaghetti hoops and toast. After the children had eaten they carried out their jobs of recycling and cleaning. There has been a definite improvement in the cleaning skills!!

The first activity that we would be doing today was canoeing. The children were given instruction of what they needed to wear and then headed up to the drying room to put on the rest of their canoeing gear. Getting into the canoeing equipment was not an easy task…

Luckily, we all managed it in the end.

We have been lucky so far with the weather and today was no exception. It was a beautiful day out on the lake, and while the water was chilly, the sun shone brightly throughout the whole session. All of the children enjoyed canoeing and once we had mastered turning, had great fun navigating around the lake. At the end of the session some of the children thought it would be a good idea to jump into the water.

Some people instantly regretted this decision…

However, Matt and Jackie had a plan to warm up. Hot chocolates all round went down a treat!

After a shower to warm up and lunch we were ready to head out for the afternoon activity. We headed off to West Angle for rock pooling. The children were excellent and found lots of different sea animals in the pools including crabs, fish and sea snails. Some were more impressed than others.


For tea the children have had chicken curry or sweet and sour children with rice. Our evening activity was taken by Jackie, who arranged a camp fire and a singsong. We have just finished writing the diaries and the children are enjoying some free time before bed.

Tomorrow we have mountain biking and orienteering to look forward to. I will update you again tomorrow.