Thursday 25th February 2016

I was woken up by the sound of the hoover this morning. Part of me was impressed and the other part could not believe it was half past seven already! The boys got an early start on the hoovering, while the girls opted to clean out their bin and make their beds first. Once the excitement of cleaning had worn off, we headed off for breakfast. A hearty breakfast of bacon and fried eggs was waiting for us today. It went down very well, with most of the group looking to sneak seconds!

Our first activity of the day was mountain biking. Ann-Marie explained to everyone what equipment they would need for this activity then took us outside to show us the route that we would be taking.

Once we had all of the gear and our bikes we lined up for a quick practise and then headed off into the forest.

All of the children enjoyed going down the hills and through the puddles, however, peddling up the hills was “a lot harder than going downhill!” This was a shock to some of the group!

We arrived back at the centre covered in mud and ready for lunch. After a quick brush down of the mud we refuelled with some cheese and ham rolls, pasta and salad. We then had enough time for a short go on the play equipment before we headed back out go orienteering in the woods.

Ann-Marie split the children into two teams, gave them a map, and then asked them to find their way around the woodland, finding the different markers shown on the map. The children were on excellent behaviour and cooperated well within their groups, as well as being polite to the members of the public they saw.


After we have finished the orienteering, we the carried out some conservation work to help us work towards the John Muir award. As part of the conservation work the children helped to clear a section of the woodland, removing brambles, making it more accessible for the public. This also helps the other plants within the forest to grow. All of the children were enthusiastic and got stuck in to this activity!

The children have had a roast for tea! The majority of them went back for seconds, it was lovely! The children have just been to visit the shop and are currently diary writing. They are all in good spirits and are still full of energy!

We will be arriving back around half past three tomorrow. If this time changes, we will let you know. See you tomorrow…

Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Hello everyone! Our first full day in Stackpole has been spent out walking the coastline and rock climbing, with lunch on the beach.

After a FULL NIGHTS SLEEP and a breakfast of bacon and eggs we were ready for the day ahead.

We were with Ben again today, who explained that we would be spending the whole day away from the centre. For this everyone would need to wrap up warm. Some of the group took this more seriously than others, with Owen putting on 5 layers. The weather was fantastic all day which made that walk along the coast very enjoyable. We saw some of the local wildlife and were able to see the Pembrokeshire coastline at its best.

Having enjoyed the sea air we made our way to Barafundle Beach where we had lunch.

With our energy regained we then started to move some of the rubbish off the beach. The beach was covered with pieces of netting and plastic, but thanks to the effort of the mighty 10, we were able to shift a lot of the rubbish. Ben was very impressed with the attitude of the group who, as always, were on excellent form.

After this we headed off to do some rock climbing. Everyone gave the climbing a go, with some really taking to it. One person who stood out was Kaylie, who was able to climb both sides of the wall and then did it blindfolded!

After climbing we headed back to the centre where we had dinner. The highlight of the evening was the chocolate cake, which was shovelled down at a fair pace!

The evening activity was the nightline. For this activity the children were given blindfolds and then needed to find their way from the start to finish. We then took some time to sit down and admire the stars and listen to the different noises of Stackpole at night.


The children have been having some free time, where they have been playing games. Everyone is in good spirits and is looking forward to tomorrows activities.