Traditional Stories

Three Little Pigs – Interactive story

Three Little Pigs – Create the story

Three Little Pigs – Audio story

Make The House Of Your Dreams – Linked to the 3 little pigs story

Gingerbread Man – Decorate the Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man – Add pictures to the story

Making Gingerbread Man – Sequence the steps

Gingerbread Man Button – Match the number of buttons to the numeral

Cobbler, Cobbler, Mend My Shoe – Join in with the rhyme

Jack And The Beanstalk – Animated story


Pirate Song – We’re pirates sailing in our ship, we’re so brave and strong

Jackanory Junior – A pirate story

Bertie The Pirate – Various stories about Bertie The Pirate

Pirate Annie – Information about pirates

Burried Treasure – Are the words actual words or not?

Pirate Maths – Maths activities with a pirate theme

Pirates! – A Pirates Song – The pirate ship is coming and it’s after me and you

Pirate Counting – Count how many barrels are floating in the sea



Lifecycle Of A Frog – Short video clips showing each part of the cycle

Lifecycle Of A Butterfly – Short video of a butterfly coming out of a chrysalis

From Tadpoles To Frog – Click on the tadpoles to help them turn into frogs – if you’re fast enough

Caterpillar Song – Sing a long and dance to this catapillar song

Counting Catapillar – Sequence the numbers from smallest to largest

Butterfly Patterns – Colour the butterfly

Caterpillar Ordering – Order the numbers on the catapillar

Lifecycle Of A Frog – Information book