Counting Caterpillar – Order the numbers

Minibeast Hunt – Record the results  in a graph

Insect Hunt – Which are insects with 6 legs?

Butterfly Patterns – Colour the butterflies

Climbers and Creepers – Minibeast and plant games

Mr Tumble and the Minibeasts – Which minibeasts will Mr Tumble meet?

Caterpillar Ordering – Ordering numbers

There was an old lady who swollowed a fly – Listen and jin in with this nursery rhyme

Minibeasts, Amphipians and Repiles – An online information book

Bee Counting – Estimate how many bees there are

Bee Addition – How many bees are on the flowers altogether?

Fly Catcher – Give instruction to the spider so that he can catch the flies

Ladybird Spots – Give the ladybird 10 spots in total

Ladybird Sorting – Sort the ladybirds depending on how many spots they have

Minibeast Sorter – Sorting minibeasts acording to your own criterea

Minibeast Sorting Tree – Sorting minibeasts using a branching tree diagram

Minibeast Habitats – Create a vertual habitat

Ladybird Spots and Snail Games – Counting and number regonition

Centerpedes – A video clip about finding centerpedes

Incy Wincy Spider Song – Listen and join in with this nursery rhyme


Growing Plants.

Help a Plant Grow Well