Up in the Air

Dress Lecky For The Weather

Dress Bo Bear

Weather Maze

Alien Landing

Make An Alien

What’ The Weather Like – Change the weather and dress the children appropriately

Weather And Clothes – Dress Humpty according to the weather

Seasons – Click on a season and make a scene

Space Information Book – An information book about space and space exploration

Comparing Aliens – Which alien will win the competition?

Alien Lining Up – Put the aliens in order

Silly Sentences – Click on a letter and liste to the alternative sentence

Letter Sounds – Click on the letter sounds and see which picture matches

Phoneme Flying Soucers – A building word game

Listening To The Weather – Can you tell what the weather is like by listening to the sounds?

I Hear Thunder – Sing along to the rhyme

Put The Clothes In Order On The Washing Line – Drying clothes on a windy day

The Story of The Wind And The Sun – Which is the stronger

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Sing along with the rhyme

Flying From The Sun To The Stars – A song about the solar system