Hay School Hwb

The Welsh Assembly Government launched a new digital project in Wales which would support improvements in outcomes for all learners. This ongoing initiative has been to develop a world class Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) across Wales called Hwb. As part of this initiative, each school in Wales has been provided with its own VLE called Hwb+ which is accessible for teachers and learners. Hwb+ allows a point for teachers to engage and interact with children regarding their learning. Each user has a custimisable home page where they can view messages and their own calendar. It also provides opportunities to blog, create wikis, discussion forums and surveys.

Children in school have all been given login details to access this at home.

Please click on the link below and enter your given username and password –


Click on the image below to watch vlogs made by members of our school’s e-safety group showing you how to access Hwb+, personalise your page and navigating your way around the pages.

Within Hwb, all users have access also to:

Mircrosoft Office 365: Office 365 provides an online version of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote and Lync. This ensures that all pupils have access to Microsoft Office regardless of whether they have it installed on their own device. The use of Office 365 in Hwb automatically gives the children an email address via Outlook. The school has edited settings within its Hwb account so that communication can only be made to other users of the Hwb platform i.e. it is not possible for children to email an external email address and it is not possible for external email addresses to email Hwb users.

Encyclopaedia Britannica: Encyclopaedia Britannica allows pupils to research topics of interest to them in a safe environment. The programme also allows children to change the complexity level of the text, have it read aloud to them as well as have it translated into a number of languages. Copyright free videos and pictures within these pages can also be easily copied and pasted into documents.

J2e: J2e is a suite of software programs that allow the creation and management of files. When managing their files children can also share their learning with their teacher, receive feedback and also share it with their friends. Programs within J2e include: coding, film editing, spreadsheets, database voting systems, blogging, word processing and presentation software.

E-safety Advice: When developing Hwb the Welsh Assembly Government wanted to ensure children were safe online. The Hwb learning platform provides resources for teachers, parents and children to consider how to be safe online.