Ancient Egypt

Introduction To Ancient Egypt – Woodlands

More Detail On Acient Egypt – A ┬ásite designed for older children but some interesting information

Various Topics – Lots of video clips and games on Ancient Egypt

Interactive Games And Activities – Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Ancient Egypt Activities – Lots of fun activities

The British Museum – A very interesting site

The Children’s Univercity Of Birmingham – A loverly child friendly site

BBC Pyramids In Depth – Lots of information on pyramids

You Wouldn’t Want To Be An Egyptian Mummy – A web book similar to the horrible histoies series

Birmingham Museum – Egyptian artifacts

BBC History – Treasures of Tutankhamun

BBC History – Sacred animals of Ancient Egypt

Senet – An Ancient Egyptian Board Game – Follow the rules and play the game

Eternal Egypt – Complicated text but the multi media resources available are good

Norfolk Museum – Information on many aspects of the topic

Ancient Egypt – The Magic Lesson – Interactive activity

Ancient Egyptian Overview – A few key questions answered

Egyptian Hieroglyphics -Write your nami in Hieroglyphics

Egypt daily Life – Detailed information