Wales in the 19th Century

Victorians – National Archives

Iron Town – Blaenafon – Video clip

Children Of The Revolution – Investigation

Snowdonia 1890 – BBC site with video clips

BBC Learning Zone – Coal mining in South Wales

BBC Learning Zone – Industry in South Wales

BBC Learning Zone – Child labour in the Victorian times

BBC Learning Zone – Victorian Christmas

BBC Learning Zone – Victorian life

Hay During The Victorian Times – A great website!

History Of Hay – Lots of local information

Old Hay – Lots of local information

Woodlands Junior School – An overview of the Victorians

Victorian Children – Information on clothes and toys

Calon Lan – 19th century Welsh hymn

Victorian Schools – Woodlands Junior School

Victorian Schools – BBC primary history

Victorian Schools – The Victorian School website

Learn To Work Like A Historian – Victorian resources

Victorian Inventions – Woodlands Junior School

Victorian Inventions – Innovations learning

Victorian Inventions – Children’s British History Encyclopedia

Famous People In History – BBC primary history

Victorian Inventions – BBC audio links

Calon Lan – Words of the 19th century Welsh hymn

Numeracy Skills

Woodlands Junior School – A very useful site full of maths games

Primary Games – Yopu can trial a few examples

ICT Games – A link to various maths areas

BBC Bitesize – Activities designed for KS2

Subtangent – Great maths games

Count On – Maths games

Super Maths World – For those who want a challenge

Maths Zone – Games for all areas of maths

Coxhoe Primary School – Links to all areas of maths

Maths Is Fun – Times table practise

Literacy Skills

Tips On How To help With Spellings – Some good ideas

Printable Activities – Various spelling patterns covered

Woodlands Junior School – Really useful links to games and activities

BBC KS1 Bitsize – Practise the basics

BBC Spellits – Activities designed for KS2

Crickweb – Lots of links to games and activities

Look, Cover, Write, Check – Practise your weekly spellings

KS2 Word Work – Coxhoe Primary School

KS2 Sentence Work – Coxhoe Primary School

KS2 Fiction – Coxhoe Primary School

KS2 Non Fiction – Coxhoe Primary School

KS2 Poetry And Proverbs – Coxhoe Primary School

Create Your Own Instant Stories – Coxhoe Primary School

Online Big Books – Coxhoe Primary School

Geography 4

Woodlands Geography – Lots of activities and links

Weather Around The World – Global weather reports


BBC Schools – Rivers and coasts

Snaith Primary School – Lots of information about rivers including river data

Channel 4 Website – Lots of information including activities that you can do at home

Cumbria And Lancashire On-Line – Animations of waterfalls, and meaders and much more

Woodlands Primary – Information on the River Severn

Woodlands Primary – Information about rivers

Classzone – Animation – how waterfalls are formed

Kinetic City – Play the game

Trent Web – Find out more about the River Trent

National Geographic – Rivers

Global Eye – Focus on rivers

ICTeachers – River Cyberhunt

SWGFL – Journey along the river

SLN – Why do rivers flood?

You Tube – Boscastle flash flood

BBC Science – Extreme drought in Australia

You Tube – Pollution kills Dhaka river