Reading at home - Oxford Reading Tree books

First steps towards reading

Please try to find a quiet ten minutes every day to look at a book with your child. The more you read and talk about stories, the more confident your child will feel about handling books. Gradually, he or she will make the connection between the story you read aloud and the printed word.

Children often have favourite stories they want to hear again and again.

After hearing a story several times, they will ‘read’ it themselves, memorising the words.

This is an important step towards becoming a reader, and deserves your praise and encouragement.

Oxford Reading Tree books

At school we follow the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme. The main characters in the scheme are:

Kipper is 4 years old. His real name is not ‘Kipper’ – it’s Christopher! When he was little and learning to talk he used to say his name was ‘Kipper’. His Dad thought this name suited him so ‘Kipper’ stuck! Kipper is a little mischievous and sometimes gets into scrapes! He has a good imagination and loves the world of make believe. He has a teddy called ‘Teddy’ who goes everywhere with him.

Biff and Chip are Kipper’s brother and sister. They are 7 year old twins. Biff’s real name is ‘Barbara’ and Chip’s real name is ‘Chip’. When Kipper was little he couldn’t say ‘Barbara and David’ and instead he called them ‘Biff and Chip’. This made everyone laugh and the two names stuck!
Floppy is the family’s pet dog. He is called Floppy because of his long, floppy ears and flops down to sleep when tired! He often gets muddy and likes to chase cats! Floppy carries the ‘Magic Key’ on his collar. The ‘Magic Key’ can take the children on special adventures but Floppy would rather be burying bones or taking a nap than going on an adventure!
Mum is the practical one of the family – if something needs fixing then she will do it! She will put her hand to anything, whether it’s unblocking the sink or building a new shed! She is patient and kind.
Dad is the ‘fourth child in the family’ – or so Mum says anyway! He is always messing about and playing practical jokes! Things often go wrong for Dad and he usually makes more mess than there was when he started! Dad is great at organising games and telling stories.


Wilf and Wilma are brother and sister and are Biff and Chip’s friends. Wilf is seven years old and is very clever – in fact he is a walking encyclopaedia of facts! Wilma is eight years old and likes to boss the gang around!
Gran likes to take the children on lots of adventures!