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Cyfranwyr Mentrus Creadigol / Enterprising, Creative Contributors

We develop a wide range of skills in order to be independent, creative and valuable problem-solving members of our communities. Outdoor learning plays an integral and substantial role in this development. In our Forest School area, pupils’ practical and creative skills are honed and the imagination runs free, whilst strategic thinking is strengthened and team-building skills improved by meaningful communication.

As the Hay Literary Festival in winter and spring plays an integral part to school and town life together with the artisan stalls at the town’s Thursday market, pupils decided on a festival tent as an icon to represent this Purpose.

“Use our skills and what we know to solve and make new products.”

connect and apply their knowledge and skills to create ideas and products

“I solve problems in different ways for example if you don’t know how ask a teacher.”

think creatively to reframe and solve problems

“If you find an opportunity try and take it because it could benefit ourselves and career.”

identify and grasp opportunities

“Take sensible risks so you don’t hurt yourselves. “

take measured risks

“Don’t separate teams between boys and girls, make sure everyone is involved.”

lead and play different roles in teams effectively and responsibly

“Express emotions by talking and writing feelings!”

express ideas and emotions through different media

“Help other people by sharing your skills.”

give of their energy and skills so that other people will benefit


The New Welsh Curriculum

We Are Challenging Ourselves To Be

Enterprising, Creative Contributors
Ambitious, Capable Learners
Ethical, Informed Citizens
Healthy, Confident Individuals