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Dinasyddion Egwyddorol Gwybodus / Ethical, Informed Citizens

Current generations of children face challenges like no others before them. We facilitate experiences to foster innovation so that learners are open to new ideas. Our learners are encouraged to question the way people have always done things in order to effect positive change.

Our vision is successful and effective, as it is all-inclusive; it comes from the heart of all involved. It projects the values and objectives of all stakeholders which are the aspirations and needs of this learning community for the present and the immediate future. Given the history and bearing of our wonderful castle which overlooks the school, pupils chose this as the icon to represent this Purpose.

“Research information and check if it is true, to make my own opinion.”

find, evaluate and use evidence in forming views

“Think about bad things that are happening now based on what I know.”

engage with contemporary issues based upon their knowledge and values

“Say what they think and be proud of their thoughts.”

understand and exercise their human and democratic responsibilities and rights

“Know and think about what you’ve chosen to do.”

understand and consider the impact of their actions when making choices and acting

“I know about different people and places to help me learn about past and present.”

are knowledgeable about their culture, community, society, and the world, now and in the past

“Be nice about other people’s beliefs and treat people how you would like to be treated.”

respect the needs and rights of others, as a member of a diverse society

“Show that you really want to help the planet and show interest in doing so.”

show their commitment to the sustainability of the planet


The New Welsh Curriculum

We Are Challenging Ourselves To Be

Enterprising, Creative Contributors
Ambitious, Capable Learners
Ethical, Informed Citizens
Healthy, Confident Individuals