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Y Stryd
The Street

We All Love the Street!

The Street is central to the school’s design. It runs the length of our school, with classrooms and activity centers opening off it. The 3 double height atriums along the length of The Street allow natural light to flood into this space and help create an airy, calming atmosphere.

Interventions take place in The Street, with many small groups or 1:1 sessions filling the area with a gentle buzz and a sense of purpose and activity. Much independent play and work goes on here too. 

The green wall in The Street enables pupils to film themselves with any background to fit the theme. Here, you will also see and hear a variety of instrumental lessons taking place throughout the week. One of the rooms off The Street is designated as a Peer Mediation room, where trained older pupils can sit and help other pupils communicate and talk-through a problem or disagreement.