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Hay-On-Wye Primary School

The school is situated in attractive school grounds in a quiet, convenient position alongside the car park in Hay on Wye.

The school is in the Brecon Beacons National Park and serves the town of Hay-on-Wye and surrounding area. The school values the diversity of family backgrounds and ensures the provision of a safe, stimulating and happy learning environment for all.

Welsh Government – Wales School Ratings

Welsh Government have ranked all primary and secondary schools into four colour coded bands – red, amber, yellow and green – according to a range of criteria including standards achieved and targets set for the pupils. Hay on Wye CP School is ranked one of only 19 Powys Primary schools in the green category. This is due to the inspiration and hard work of all staff, the support of parents and work put in by the children to do their best. For more information, please see the ITV wesbite here.

Hay on Wye CP School is also proud of its other successes such as being a:


A big shout out to our wonderful netball team, who represented us at Fairfield High School's primary tournament yesterday! You were excellent and did everyone proud! Future netball superstars in the making!

Budding engineers in Year 3! We learnt about how the Taipei 101 building is built to withstand earthquakes. One team built their own tuned mass damper system. Can you see the pendulum that stabilises the building. Testing tomorrow! Amazing teamwork - well done!


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