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Datganiad Cenhadaeth & Gweledigaeth
Mission Statement & Vision

Mission Statement

Our family cares for itself and our environment; we are true to ourselves and to others; if we get knocked down, we help each other back up and in so doing are stronger and wiser. We are aware of our roots and respect the rich mix of people and cultures in our community. We will make a difference and be the best we can.


Current generations of children face challenges like no others before them. We facilitate experiences to foster innovation so that learners are open to new ideas. Our learners are encouraged to question the way people have always done things in order to effect positive change.

We encourage all to be true and brave, to stand up for what they believe in and for what they believe to be just and good.

We are inclusive and caring. It may not be possible to help everyone, but we can all help someone in some way in our day to day lives.

Resilience is a valuable asset! We recognise that it is ok to attempt a task and to fail, as long as we learn why this happened and how to improve upon it. We know this to be a far more valuable learning journey than only to undertake tasks within our comfort zones.

Think globally, act locally! Our environment and our planet are precious. Our Eco Committee and School Council act as our voice and communicate with other agencies to seek support and advice.

We develop a wide range of skills in order to be independent, creative and valuable problem-solving members of our communities. Outdoor learning plays an integral and substantial role in this development. In our Forest School area, pupils’ practical and creative skills are honed and the imagination runs free, whilst strategic thinking is strengthened and team-building skills improved by meaningful communication.

We always celebrate the best in each and every pupil, whatever the talent. We support each other’s efforts, in whatever field; we have faith in our ability and believe we can make a positive impact on tomorrow’s world.

We are good citizens and know we can make a difference in our own way, both here in Wales and on the global scene; everyone is important, and all small acts of kindness and care contribute to a better future for all.

Our vision is successful and effective, as it is all-inclusive; it comes from the heart of all involved. It projects the values and objectives of all stakeholders which are the aspirations and needs of this learning community for the present and the immediate future.

We all believe in the way Hay-on-Wye school is moving forward.